Tabia Kubos

Probably one of the more dramatic "transformations" on the page, don't let her before picture fool you. I've known this young woman for a long time and she has always been beautiful at any weight. What we talked about the day of the shoot was how she hadn't always been out of shape. Life happens, you have kids, things get busy and you stop giving yourself the attention you really need and deserve. She's been working out with us again this last year and seen a lot of progress, but I remember when she really turned the corner on her fitness levels a few years back. She did a 4-week training program with me, now called the RoadMap to Fitness. You get before/after measures and an individualized plan and then you are on your own. Not everyone is successful with this takes a lot of self-motivation and determination, but she did it and never stopped making progress. She's become a runner but she says the thing that really makes a difference is "a food journal!"



From Rosemarie:  Chelsea has been an inspiration to many women at The Aerobics Club. She not only has made major changes in her health, she has had a major life change (see her beautiful wedding photos from March!) Chelsea attends our Step, TurboKick, Toning, and Zumba classes but took the biggest step on her own almost 2 years ago by joining Weight Watchers. We have always recommended Weight Watchers and TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) and she is living proof of how well such a support group works. Their eating plan is doable and easy.

Speaking of steps, Chelsea took thousands of them to beat her goal in the recent Bataan Memorial Death March by doing the 26.2 mile marathon in under 8 hours at 7:58:19. She came in close to the top 1/2 of the marchers in the female civilian light division at 251 out of 460. We are so proud of her and feel so very lucky to have her as part of our group!


Kathy D

I started going to a gym about 3.5 years ago and took a bycycle class 3X a week.  I saw some weight and inches lost but Iwanted to tone and shape as well.  I started training with Rosemarie and I was a "large" size 12 in dress and pants.   (You know the "large" part -where you are straining at the seams but your pride won't let you go to the next size.) Today, I wear a size 8 pant and an 8/10 dress (depending on the style) with no straining!  Overall, I've lost 25 inches off my body and 12 pounds and 6.5 % body fat, and I am strong!!

I just turned 50 years old and I look terrific and I feel even better! People who have known me for years are stunned and surprised at the changes.  My husband loves the way I look and the other benefits:  the training and aerobic are great to de-stress, energize, and make me happy. One of the hidden benefits has been the reduction of the menopause effects: my emotions are not on a roller coaster, the hot flashes are almost nonexistent, and I sleep like a baby.

Besides all the physical pluses, I have gained a whole new group of lady friends who are supportive and encouraging and helpful about making these changes a lifestyle. Rosemarie is extremely knowledgable, enthusiastic, motivating, and a FUN instructor and trainer!!    You won't find a better person ANYWHERE!! to help you to achieve your goals:  tone, weight loss, strength, and cardio-vascular improvement.

Kathy D has been training with me for several years now. She comes to both the Aerobics Club classes and to ShapeTraining. She is continually surprising us with more and more progress. She is currently down to 137 lbs and has been able to make steady improvement over the years. She has not only maintained and continued her weight loss, but her strength and youthfulness have also increased! Kathy is proud to admit she is 50 years old and I can attest to the fact that she is in better shape than women 1/2 her age!



“The picture is from spring 1999 (my weight was 210) ... I tried to lose weight over the years but like many, I was constantly riding the weight “yo-yo”.  In 2002 I got “serious”; with lots of walking and on‑and-off diets I lost 30-40 pounds within a year, but it was always tough to keep the weight off.  Being a military wife and moving all the time took a toll on my weight; every time we moved, I gained some back.  I needed a lifestyle change for good.  In summer 2006, while back at 180 pounds, I learned about Zumba.  My life completely changed.  I always had a desire to be a fitness instructor and Zumba seemed like a perfect fit.  It was definitely the right choice.  I was motivated, watched what I ate, and 20 pounds later I was a certified Zumba instructor.  At my heaviest, I never imagined being capable of doing the things I’ve done to date: teach a fitness class, 10 half-marathons, and a 26.2‑mile running adventure.  All it takes is complete commitment, dedication, and a good dose of patience.  Today I’m back at my high school weight of 140 pounds! Never give up and believe in yourself; YOU CAN DO IT!”