Real Nutrition, Real Easy

Personalized nutrition services geared towards your real life.  Let our certified nutritionists help you to reach your weight loss and/or health goals.  One-on-one sessions will ensure your success. Available by single session or cost-effective monthly packages.  Great for individuals or families trying to find their way through the maze of dietary advice the public is bombarded with daily.  Let us help you understand how easy, and how "real" good nutrition can be.  While we do provide well-researched supplements and meal replacements for convenience, we don't "push" products, gimmicks, or fad diets.  We work with your appetite and your refrigerator to help you find a life-long way of eating healthy.


AlamoCafe Main Menu

THE CORE One-hour personal nutritional consultation ...$59 Includes comprehensive review of medical evaluation forms, discussion of concerns/goals, computation of basal metabolic requirements (BMR), free 1-week AlamoCafe Bits and Bites Food Journal with instruction for use.


THE SEED 30-minute personal nutrition question and answer session...$33 A shorter consultation for the nutrition-savvy consumer who just needs a few seeds planted to head them in the right direction.


A la Carte

Grocery Store Expedition....$59 This one-hour “field trip” will help you to shop for better nutritional choices based on your family's favorite foods. Your consultant will be at your side as you explore the aisles and learn how to find which items are better for your waistline and your wallet. Includes our free brochure on how to read a food label as well as slimmed-down recipes for tasty comfort foods.


AlamoCafe TeleNutrition service...$59 Includes 1 hour of nutrition question and answer help via text, email, FaceBook, Twitter, or phone. The full hour may be used during a 4-week time frame and is based on actual time spent by your nutritional consultant answering your questions/concerns. See more detail in our Telenutrition tip sheet on how to get the most from this innovative on-the-spot service.


Onstage with AlamoCafe & the FantasyShape Team

The AlamoShape FantasyShape Team  can help you get ready for a fitness or figure competition with experienced AlamoShape competitors who understand what it takes to prepare to be onstage in the best shape of your life! Excellent for beauty and swimsuit pageants or just anyone who wants to look like they won that trophy! FantasyShape Training Coach Rosemarie Ferrara has more first place winning clients than any trainer in the Southwest and can help you achieve a top-notch physique.  FantasyShape Modeling and Nutrition Coach Dena Curran has numerous pageant wins to her name including 1st in Bikini Tall Division, 3rd in Model at Fitness NM 2011, 2nd in Bikini Masters,Texas Shredder 2012; 1st in Bikini Classic Division and 2nd in Model at Fitness NM 2012, 2nd in Bikini Masters, 5th in Fit Model at Naturally Fit Super Show in Austin 2012; and 1st place Bikini Open Division at Albuquerque OCB 2012. FantasyShape Coach Charlotte DuBois is also an experienced competitor and can help you find the competition that is right for you as well as help you to choose a swimsuit that suits you best. Together these women will guide you through the competition experience whether you want to win a trophy or just look like you can! 


Onstage Competition Diet....$59 Includes pre-competition meal plan suggestions proven to give great results and 1 hour of nutrition question and answer help via text, email, FaceBook, Twitter, or phone. Choose this service 4 weeks before your competition to ensure you dial in the exact numbers for the body fat/muscle combination needed for your particular category. There are myriad comments you can find on the web from novice bodybuilders, but competitions aren't cheap and losing because you cramped up, went flat, or had too much body fat is not a chance you want to take. Trust our certified nutritionists to take you on the safe and effective road to your first trophy! You must be within 5% of your competition body fat in order for this 4-week plan to be safe and effective. Consider a few months of AlamoCafe TeleNutrition or the Core or Seed options to get you started. 


Onstage Modeling/Tanning/Swimsuit Consultation...$59 for one hour of services. Let one of our experienced FantasyShape coaches help you choose the right bathing suit for your body type. They will also demonstrate the correct poses for your competition, the best tanning tips, and provide pre-contest support up to the time you walk onstage!


Onstage Interview Coaching...$59 for one hour of service. Our FantasyShape coach Dena Curran can also help you prepare for your pageant interview. In-person or online, the experience she has can make the difference in your interview scores.


Onstage BodyFat Measurements...$39 per session. FantasyShape Training Coach Rosemarie Ferrara will do bodyfat measures at intervals that help you adjust your diet and training accordingly.



Meal Plans

Just $39 each, these Meal Plans come with 30 minutes of TeleNutrition service to answer questions or ask for last-minute nutrition suggestions. You can also add an AlamoCafe Meal Plan to any main menu item above for ½ price, just $19.50.


Dine 'N Dash: No, we aren't encouraging you to skip out on the check! We know that sometimes your busy life causes pit stops at the local fast food eateries in town. This meal plan helps you make the best choice when you are dining on the run. You'll complete our special Dine 'N Dash survey to give your consultant a complete picture of your hectic day. You can lose weight on fast food if you know which choices to make!


Family Fare: Great meal plan ideas for feeding your family a healthy meal. Unless you are giving your kids the checkbook and the keys to the car, you are really responsible for them maintaining a healthy weight. Let our consultants help you make a difference for your family at the dinner table.


GRAND OPENING SPECIAL! Receive THE CORE (one-hour consultation), 3 SEEDs (30 minute sessions), one hour of AlamoCafe TeleNutrition Service, A free one-month CORE Food Journal, and a free set of before/after body fat measurements from AlamoShape all for just $140, ½ off the regular price! This special is for a limited time only.